Smart Kodi Features

  • Role based rights management
  • Rent payment and automated receipting for Mpesa payments
  • Online Lease creation and Management
  • Accounting and automated invoicing
  • Online maintenance requests and work orders
  • Billing and payments to vendors
  • Automated Utility Tracking & invoicing
  • Reporting that gives you an instant snapshot of your business
  • Clear, informative dashboards that provide instant analysis of your property
  • Customized Reports, rent roll, VAT, occupancy, expenses, P&L, Balance Sheet etc.
  • Tenant mobile app

Lease management.

Smart Kodi offers a platform that gives users the ability to create, track and manage all leases attached to your property. It allows management a complete overview of the property occupancy. Rental invoices are sent out directly to tenants each month on a pre-specified date.


Smart Kodi captures transactions related to the running of the property in double entry accounting. From maintenance expenses to rent payments & arrears to asset appreciation or depreciation. The accounting aspect also gives the user the ability to manage any incomes arising from assets.

Utilities Management

Our Utilities app allows your caretaker to track meters and their readings for a more accurate snapshot of utility usage in a property. All meter readings have pictures stored in the cloud for verification. This prevents fraud and allows any leakages or unusual usage to be easily detected.

Work Orders and Maintenance Management

Keep track of your repairs and maintenance work on your property. Assign trusted vendors to look after specific tasks and track their progress. Allow tenants through our mobile Tenant app to report and track any issues in their units.

Online Payment Gateway.

All tenants have the option to pay directly to the Landlord via Mpesa with automated receipting