The solution is web-based with an easy to use interface.

Smart Kodi Features and Functionality include but are not limited to:

Online Lease creation and Management

Online maintenance requests and work orders

Role based rights management

Accounting and automated invoicing

Billing and payments to vendors

Rent payment and receipting via Mpesa

Lease management

Smart Kodi offers a platform that gives users the ability to create, track and manage all leases attached to your property.


Smart Kodi captures accounting practices related to the running of the property, from maintenance expenses to rent arrears.

Utilities Management

There is a utilities application that allows the ability to track meters and their readings for a more accurate snapshot of utility usage.

Work Orders and Maintenance Management

Keep track of your repairs and maintenance work on your property. Assign trusted vendors to look after specific tasks


This app does everything you could possibly want it to do and is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use.